Monday, August 10, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesday- I'm with Stupid (Yeah, That'd Be Me...)

Hello my loving readers, old and new both. Today I will be participating in Tova's Totally Awkward Tuesday, like I do almost every week.

As you all know, I went to New Jersey this year for almost four weeks. We drove both ways, 19 hours each way. Yes, that was a very long ride.

On the way home, we had 5 people in my aunt's van: My aunt, my 87 year old grandmother, my two cousins, and myself. No matter where we go, it is my job to guide my grandmother out of the car, into where ever we were going, and back out to the car. This is a job I am glad to take. I love both my grandmothers, and this grandmother has a history of falling, and I don't want her to fall again.

But that's not the awkward part. It's not my cute grandmother's fault I got embarrassed, it's my silly loud mouth! :)

Anyway, on the way back from New Jersey, we stopped at a McDonald's for a pit stop. I walked my grandmother into the bathroom and I walked her out once she was done.

Now, while we were walking, this HUGE party was walking by us. I automatically assumed that they were a family. Whether or not they were, I don't know. But still, that's not what caught my eye, but the little, skinny boy caught me by surprise.

The boy was wearing a shirt, much like this:


And next to him, there was a lady. And since the group seemed to be together, I automatically assumed it his mother. So, in an attempt to make some humor, I spoke up.

"Well, that's not very nice!"

Someone in their party said, "What?"

"His shirt, it says 'I'm with stupid. That's not nice to say about your mother."

Then the lady that I thought was his mother spoke up, "I'm not his mother!"

Oops. My bad. "Just kidding!" I said, then walked off slowly with my grandmother. I would of run, but I didn't want to leave my grandmother behind.

We got back to the car and I told my cousins and my aunt what had just happened. Of course, they were really interested. And I really don't think my grandmother knew was going on. But that's okay. All I was thinking was "DUDE, I AM SO POSTING THIS AS A TOTALLY AWKWARD TUESDAY POST! YAY!"

So, thanks Tova Darling. I can now cope with awkward moments more efficiently.

Well, hope you enjoyed my awkward story. Now, I think it's time for you to post YOURS! Go check out Tova's blog for details. I want to hear your awkward stories. :) It makes me happy when people are as blonde as Moxie is!


Abby Quijano said...

oh my gosh! it would be more awkward if she says... I'm not his mother, i'm his gf! O_o oh wait he's a little boy huh? oh man.. never mind. imagine she was the sister though? hahhhh...

that is really awkward!

SimplyValorie said...

Oh man. If I had a dollar for every time I've done something similar to this, I would probably be a millionaire by now! The "just kidding!" was a good way out, much better than trying to fix it. Great story. :]

FRANNIE said...

That sounds like something I would do.

Open mouth and promptly insert foot.

Although my 90 year old grandmother would have laughed her ass off at me. :)


Ebony Haywood said...

Lol. Omigosh, Moxie. I think I would have picked up my grandmother and bolted. Glad you survived to tell this funny story!