Thursday, August 13, 2009

Crocheted Flowers

Yesterday, I was inspired to make some crocheted flowers. So, I looked up the pattern on the internet and after a few tries, finally got it. Crochet patterns are confusing to read at first. It's like reading a second language! Hehe.

So anyway, this is what I did!

The flower in the middle is suppose to be yellow and purple, not yellow and blue. My camera is starting to make me sad. :/

Which one is your favorite? I want to know!

Mine is the purple one. It was the first one I did, and I was so happy when I finished it. :)

I'll be making more of these in the future. THEY ARE SO ADDICTING!

I found the pattern here. You have to register to the website before you can download the PDF file. There is also a very nice directory with many different types of flowers here.


Abby Quijano said...

i dunnoo! i think i like them all!!! :] you should make a give away of the things you make ! :] they're so pretty! you're definitely an artist!

Kae said...

no dont make a giveaway, u'll be handing out cash left in right. u have to make a STORE. haha. and i like the light blue one..i think its just because I really like the color light blue... what did u crochet these on? is that tinkerbell's arm?

Moxie said...

No, silly. I use my blankie to model all my crafts. It acts as a back drop, if you will. They aren't crocheted into Tink's arm. That'd be painful!

And I'm not making a store, Kae. :P Not now, at least.

Ebony Haywood said...

i like the purple one. cute!

Raela666 said...

I like the light blue one. Wow, these are really nice. Now I know why you were so busy. Good for you! It's nice to be able to make crafty things, it makes you smart. =]