Monday, August 3, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesday- Hippie Glasses Equals NO GO

I have been so bummed out that I was unable to participate in Tova Darling's Totally Awkward Tuesday for two whole weeks. But now that I'm back, I shall share yet another totally awkward puzzle piece of my life.

Now I will take you back to my middle school days. Back in middle school, I was an odd ball. I was obsessed with black clothes, skirts, and for a period of time, had a pair of pink tinted glasses. They were, in fact, so UGLY, that Google does not a have a good picture example because they would just break the internet.

School started that 7th grade year. I was out of my very much awkward phase where I didn't have any friends at all, but I was still crammed in a shell that I am no longer stuck in today. In a very bad attempt to look cool [and improve my eyesight, for they were REAL perscription glasses] and up my popularity with my friends, I wore my ugly pink glasses with stride.

Anyway, I had this very weird teacher in the 7th grade. He was a strange man, poor fellow had some injuries occur to him while he was in some war, and that's why he was so weird. But still, he probably makes up forty percent of my totally awkward stories. We'll call him Mr. Weird Teacher, or Mr. WT for short.

I had Mr. WT forth period. After lunch, I rolled into his class with my best friend, Kae, and Rae, who I just befriended.

Mr. WT notices my glasses. "Hey Moxie, I like your glasses."

I'm satisfied, although I had no idea how weird Mr. WT was at the time, so I didn't know what was coming would be a struggle through the whole year. "Thanks!" I say.

Mr. WT would eventually mention that the glasses I was wearing reminded him of the hippie days. This may of been cool to him, because he was totally jealous that I was rocking the hippie look he never go to wear because he was stuck in the war, but this was not something to be overlooked by my teasing classmates.

Every time Mr. WT would see me, he would call me a hippie. Every time one of my classmates would see me, they'd do the same. I remember going home crushed because of this. This continued on the whole year, regardless of me putting the shamed glasses to rest two weeks later. They were totally a waste of money.

I look back on this and laugh. I really do. Back then, I actually thought it was an insult to be a hippie. Now, not so much.

But still, those glasses are ugly. If I could actually find them, I don't think you could possibly pay me to wear them. Lesson learned, unnaturally tinted glass equals NO GO.


Lee Beth said...

Hello Moxie, I was tagged to post about 6 things that make me happy and I tagged you to do the same.

Looking forward to see what makes you happy!

Moxie said...

Aww, thanks Lee Beth.

kaitr0n said...
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Raine said...

I was gonna say - whats so bad about being a hippie, but I guess when your young anything that anyone can latch onto can be an insult. Was it weird seeing pink all the time? :D

Abby Quijano said...

this is such a cute story! i remember being made fun of for so many little things! and back then it was hard to cope with all the teasing.

im glad we can both laugh at all of this in the end!

IF YOU EVER FIND THOSE GLASSES... do you mind taking a picture of them? unless it brings back horrible memories then no...

Magic City College Girl said...

nice story. i have had weird teachers too. theres always at least one somewhere.

Raela666 said...

wow, i dont remember that. I was in your class and everything, but i totally forgot about that. I never forgot of Mr.WEird though. He did some straaaange things... lol

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