Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our Painted Creations

I went to go paint pottery yesterday with Kae. We had to go an hour away from home to get our creativity on. And here is the results:

Of course, this is what I painted. It's a very girly skull. It's so Moxie, isn't it?

This is what Kae painted. It's a monkey, of course. I guess she painted this because she feel bad that she hasn't gotten a pet monkey yet. Poor Kae. This will have to do. :)

And they will be friends until death do them part. Uh oh. I think it's too a little too late for my skull!

Right now they are both in a kiln, and won't be ready for a week and a half. But, we won't have time to go fetch it for another two weeks. So, I'll take pics of the final results then.

Stay beautiful!


Ebony Haywood said...

Love the skull's eye patch!

Luna said...

i agree with ebony. the eye patch is cute.

Abby Quijano said...

ohhh ohhh!! i HEART monkeys!!! i love them they're so cute in all ways.

Toothfairynotes said...

the monkey is cool!!!

Have a great week!

Kae said...

yay! they like my monkey =D

Raela666 said...

cool pottery.