Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coquina Jewelry Box, Part 1

"The Box, before awesomeness"

Surprise! I am starting a very new project. I am making a jewelry box COVERED in Coquina Shells that I found while I was at the beach.

I am going to take you step by step through this project. What does this mean? I will update you periodically about how the project is going, what I am doing, and of course, pictures! It'll be like watching a baby grow up. :3

So, here are some pictures of the box. Enjoy!


The box full of stuff. The heart shape box is my old jewelry box that one of my sisters made for me. We aren't on good terms right now, so looking at the box kind of gives me pain. Plus, it's way too small for all my jewelry. That's why I am making this new one, because it will remind me of the place I love; the ocean!

I dumped everything out so you could see how deep the box is. It's pretty big! Can I fill it? DUH!


Abby Quijano said...

i can't wait to see your progress! and im sorry that you and your sister are not in good terms :[ hopefully by the time you finish the box you can show it to her and laugh about everything in the past :]

oh oh or maybe you can do this activity with her!

Moxie said...

Normally I reply to comments through email, as you all know. But this is a reply I think everyone should see, so I don't have to explain this more than once.

I wish I could show her the box after I am done with it, Abby. I wish we could laugh about it. I really wish we can do this activity together. But I never see her. I haven't seen her since Christmas. She doesn't want to be around us. I really doubt that I'll ever see her again, unless she comes around during Christmas because she wants money... Then she'll just leave our memories the day after.

It's sad, but it's okay. I still have two other sisters who are the best sisters ever. If anything, they deserve to laugh and share this project with me more than she does. I'm greatful for what I have.

Abby Quijano said...

hehe. normally, i don't reply to these messages but you definitely caught my heart. im so sorry about your problem. but im glad taht you're coping with it pretty well.

i hope that making the jewelry box will keep you mind off of all your problems! have a great time making designing it!!!

Ebony Haywood said...

exciting project! eager to see how it progresses...

Kae said...

woot and i also want to share the fun in this project since i already kinda started helping you with it in the first place lulz