Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesday!

Once again, it is Totally Awkward Tuesday, in which myself and many other bloggers participate with Tova Darling, at her blog Secret Life of Tova Darling. Here I go.

About 5 years ago, I went to this Christian Youth Camp with my former youth group. Here, we volunteered in the community and such. It was a very moving time in my life, but yet, very awkward. I was only in the sixth grade, so I was tremendously awkward just at that.

We had to go somewhere with our group, and after that, we were going to go to Walmart. My group went to this other church place, where there were showers. We were given the opportunity to take showers in the two shower stalls there: the boy stall and the girl stall.

Now there were only about three or four dudes in our group, the rest of us were girls. Once the dudes were done in the shower, the rest of the girls were aloud to use the boys stall if they needed to. So, of course, I did.

I took my shower in the boys' stall. If I may add, it was INCREDIBLY disgusting. Words cannot explain how disgusting it was, but believe me, it was disgusting.

So afterwards, at Walmart, I was discussing how disgusting the boys' bathroom was. Then, I said very loudly, "I'm NEVER using the boys' bathroom again!!!" This lady gave me a weird look, and one of my friends said, "Did you really have to say that THAT loudly?"

None the less, I look back on those days and laugh. But it was incredibly awkward. And disgusting. Seriously. I'm NEVER using the boys' bathroom/shower stall AGAIN. Eew.

Knitting scares me

Today, I went to the crochet/knitting circle that I've been going to since I got to New Jersey. I've been avoiding knitting, seriously. But, I've learned a few stitches, so I'm hoping that one day I'll get used to knitting so I won't be scared of it anymore. But it is SO nerve wrecking!

I still like crocheting better. :P

Monday, June 29, 2009

Commenting issue is FIXED!

The only followers I do have have been having a problem commenting my posts. This post is a test. I will comment my own post right now, after I press publish post.

UPDATE: The commenting issue is fixed. I am so sorry to anyone this may have inconvenienced. Thanks for letting me know that there was a problem.

Melted Crayon Creations

My time in New Jersey has made me very dedicated to crafting. I actually brought a craft project up north that my awesomely creative cousin never heard of. I am very proud of myself.

Saturday, we melted crayons. Our result was this:



And this guy is absolutely adorable. He has a heart... sort of.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First EVER crocheted piece

I just learned how to crochet last Tuesday. This was the first thing I ever made. It's now a basket cozy for my grandma's basket.



This was made with a double stitch, which is actually the first stitch I learned. The first stitch I should of learned was the single stitch, which is what I am using for my next project.

Now I am working on a scarf. I don't know why I need a scarf for the weather I live in, but oh well.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesday Time

I have decided to participate in Totally Awkward Tuesday with Tova at her blog, Secret Life of Tova Darling. I'll try to tie it into my creative theme I have going here, so here I go.

In a former life, I was a girl scout. Every summer, we'd have a week long summer day camp. This was something I looked forward to every year... up until after the third grade.

So, it was the summer after I finished the third grade. This year at Girl Scout Camp, we'd be doing all kinds of crafts, making creative kiddie crafts, and swimming. This particular day at Girl Scout Camp, we made these weird ceramic things with our hand prints in it. After we were done, we were to let them dry by the big sliding glass doors.

Now mind you, ever since I was born, I have been a very clumsy person. Give me a pair of rollar skates, I'll fall on my face. Tell me to climb up a staircase, you'll hear a big "KA-THUNK" thirty seconds later.

The end of the day came faster than I knew it. I went over to the sliding glass doors to see if my dad was in the parking lot yet, and then... I look down. I totally forgot that the weird ceramic things were drying exactly were I was standing.

But luckily for me, no one was looking, so I just stepped aside like nothing happened. I went home that day and came back the next day.

We gathered at the flagpole, like we did every morning, and something along these lines were said, "Yesterday afternoon, someone stepped in the weird ceramic things we made. If anyone knows who did this, please tell us. You will be awarded."

Oh no! I thought. I'm a criminal.

I had to take very obnoxious measures to make sure I was not caught. I had to make sure all the ceramic crap was cleaned off the bottom of my shoes before I went to camp the next day. I walked without picking up my feet, so no one could tell what the patterns were on the bottom of my shoes. I could of sworn one the other girl's dad was a secret agent, coming to investigate the "Crime Scene".

None the less, I was never caught. Yes, I have horrible karma as of today. But oh well. Such is life. This isn't the moral I should be portraying, but then yet, since when is coming clean to the mean Girl Scout Leaders the right thing to do? :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A.C. Moore

In New Jersey, there are A.C. Moore's EVERYWHERE. I love them.

In case you didn't know, A.C. Moore is a craft store. They have a ton of them in New Jersey, but almost NONE where I live down south.

Why is A.C. Moore better than any other craft store? Because it is! They sell resin at the A.C. Moores in New Jersey. They do not sell resin at the Joann Fabrics at home. I had to order the resin off the internet.

None the less, you take what you can get. We do have a Michael's about an hour away from us at home. So, that's okay.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I've learned to crochet!

I learned how to crochet on Tuesday. I am currently working on a miniature blanket for my grandmother's basket. I'll post pictures when I am done.

I'm having tons of fun in New Jersey, but today is a rainy day. :(

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm in New Jersey

We arrived in New Jersey and got here safely. I haven't made any creations yet, I'm sorry. But that's coming up very soon, I promise.

I have my very first follower EVER, AtomBomb. Thank you so much! I'm so glad someone out there is reading my writing.

It's very nice here in New Jersey. I miss home, but oh well. I'm excited about my stay here.

I have a lot to do, so I must go. Ta ta for now!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today is my last day home. Tomorrow I leave for New Jersey, and I am very busy packing, syncing my iPod, getting stuff charged, etc.

I have no idea if I can blog in New Jersey or not. But either way, when I come back, I'll have a lot of blogging to do and lots of crafty pictures to share.

When I get back I may also change my blog layout. Or maybe when I am in New Jersey.

It's killing me how I have no idea if there will be internet or not! Oh well. Hehe.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Yes, the point of this blog keeps changing. The thing that bothers me is that it doesn't change too much. It keeps shifting a little bit at a time.

At first, the point was to keep in high fashion with creativity. Then, the point was to love life and be beautiful because of it.

Now, it's all about facing the day with creativity and love. Then, you'll be beautiful because of it.

It sure does sound like I made a soup... It's called life.

Love always, Moxie.


I am very nervous about leaving for New Jersey. I haven't gotten anything packed yet. I don't know whether or not I should pack mostly crafting stuff, or if I should pack some clothes too... Hehe.

The only time of year I even BOTHER with making items out of Perler Beads is when I am in New Jersey and I am melting them with my cousin. He is the crafting king!

Otherwise I hate them with a passion. Okay, not hate... I just get aggravated very easily with them. If you've ever hot ironed perler beads, you know why!

So, seriously be expecting lots of pictures of perler bead projects, melted crayons, and some really whacked out jewelery over the next few weeks!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Dream Big like Broadway

On a side note, the Tony's last night were Ah-may-zing!

As you may know, I am very much in love with Technical Theatre. I got a lot of very awesome ideas from the Tony's that I may be able to adapt to our very small stage at school.

I really wish I could do Stage craft, or just do technical work in the theatre for the rest of my life. I could make sets for some futurely famous play on Broadway.

I wish I could be a famous scenic designer for just two years. Then I would be willing to go back to my hometown and teach scenic design. I could totally brag about my famous years.

But what are the chances? Eh, I'll give it a try.

I'll do a scenic design for Thespians next year. Oh, and the next year too. :)

I'll then continue in college to practice scenic design, and maybe take an architecture class. If I like it, then I'll continue with my dream.

I don't think there's any reason why I can't accomplish both my dreams. Become a famous scenic designer and live happily ever after.

Summer is here!

School is over and summer is officially here! Now I have two months of creativity.

I am leaving for New Jersey soon. But no worries, New Jersey is creativity heaven for me, as Amsterdam is drug heaven for an addict.

I'll be melting crayons into funny shapes, making jewelery, scrapbooking, THE WORKS!

Toodles for now.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer is so close

Summer is love.

Summer is when you can stay up until five in the morning, doing whatever. Blogging, making jewelry, sewing...

You can wake up at 2 in the afternoon. You can get a tan. You can go to the beach, go sea shell hunting, and do creative things with the shells.

Or you can keep them in a box, then do creative things with them a year later. =]

Summer is when you travel to places you wouldn't visit during the school year. The beach, out of state. Yummy!

Going to beaches out of state is so much fun. Cape May? I wish I were going this year. Cape May diamonds would make a rocking ring.

None the less, I am so ready. Summer... Come to mama!