Thursday, July 16, 2009

Slim Jim Containers to Awesome Pencil Holders

One unique thing about me is that I have a seriously huge pencil collection.

Another sadly unique thing about me is that my pencil collection is in the far depths of my closet, and is not accessible to model my newest project. =[

When school was still in session, Kae and Dollface would always get a Slim Jim in MY lunch. Yeah, you heard me. My mom sent these "poor, sweet children" food. Hehe.

But anyway, we don't have recycling here. So, I saved these Slim Jim Cans a trip to the dump. I painted them with green metallic paint and painted [very bad] flowers on them. Like I previously said, my original intentions was to get my pencil collection out and have these new pencil holders be their new home... But fate doesn't work that way. So I have random stuff in them now instead.

So anyway, enjoy!





LegalMist said...

Do you have a gallery on

Ebony Haywood said...

so creative! Love it!

Kae said...

Those are so pretty! You must make me one! =3