Thursday, July 9, 2009

Perler Bead Frenzy

As you may now, the only time I ever play with Perler Beads is when I am in New Jersey. Why is that? I'll tell you now, they are the most annoying craft idea EVER. If you don't iron them right, then forget it. You have to have a ton of patience, that of which I have a limited supply of.

But anyway, my little 9 year old cousin loves Perler Beads, so guess who got to keep my whole supply of Perler Beads? Hehe.

This is what we did while I was at his house:

This is the first cat he made, and as you can tell... The first one I ironed. I hadn't ironed Perler Beads in at LEAST a year, so it kind of took me a few tries to get it perfect. Unfortunately for this warped cat, he was the first test subject.

This fish took both of us to finish. It was late at night, and we took turns decorating it. That's why it looks ecclectic.

This is "the weirdest cat ever". My cousin made this one. I don't really think it looks very weird. He looks pretty normal compared to the poor warped cat.

I made this dolphin. It's not that exciting, other than it glows in the dark. But most of our creations do.

This is a "B". I made it for my cousin. He was absolutely amazed that I could do this. But what can I say... I've got skillz!

I made this one too. It kicks butt. "M" for Moxie!

This is an action shot of all of them. Aren't they just a happy family?!?


Ebony Haywood said...

Super Cool! So you actually have to iron the beads with like, a real clothes iron?

Moxie said...

Hey Ebony!

Yes, you actually iron them with a "real clothes iron", but you have to place parchment paper in between.