Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Something to keep my iPod warm with...

I crocheted an iPod cozy for my fabulous iTouch over the weekend.

And when I was half way done with it, I realized how I could of made it better. So, I'll take pictures of VERSION 2.0 and post it sometime this week (depending on whether or not my life hates me).

So, here are some piccies. :)

One of the infamous flowers is sewed to the front of the case.

My iPod likes it's cozy little sweater a lot, but VERSION 2.0 is a little bit better.

Stay beautiful, lovelies! VERSION 2.0, and some more awesome stuff, coming later in the week.

We don't have much left, though, do we? D:


Abby Kihano said...

that's really pretty! i wish i can do the same :[ but it's okay ill go take up some class to learn how to crochet.

i love the pouch! it's so cute! and the colors too :]

Miss Red said...

hahah what a funny and creative idea! this is so cute!!