Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Day: A Totally Awkward Collaboration

This is yet another TAT post hosted by Tova Darling.

You all have to understand that I don't even THINK this post deserves a Totally Awkward Tuesday post. My day sucked, and it was awkward. The horrible part was that it wasn't even that funny!

So, to begin, I woke up this morning and I didn't feel good. When you screw up, you always blame it on the fact that you feel like you're dying because you have a stuffy nose. It's human nature.

Then I went to English class. This essay I worked hard on got slaughtered in front of the class (AKA: My teacher read my essay in front of the class and took a pen and BLED on it.) There were so many typos in the essay. I was so embarrassed. I realized how much my writing sucks. I am scared to even write this post, honestly. Is that awkward enough?

Then in my next class, my teacher was drinking water. So, I thought, Okay. She's drinking water. I guess I'll take my water bottle out...

So, I take a sip. My teacher screams at me. IT'S WATER PEOPLE. I HAVE A MEDICAL CONDITION. I NEED TO DRINK WATER.

But Moxie is too shy to mention that in front of a class. Now I have to call my doctor and have him FAX all my teachers proof and evidence that I am a freak of nature. (And on later TAT posts, I will give you examples of ways that teachers have treated me like a freak of nature. Stay tuned.)

And to top off my day, some freshman (FRESHMEAT. FRESHMEAT.) fell on my head. Yes, it was raining cat and freshman.

I am only joking. I was sitting outside on the concrete for lunch (I'm sure you all have heard me rant about this before), and some kid pushed his "friend" into my person. Said freshmeat apparently was slow, because it seriously took him about 3 minutes to get off my head.

Okay, freshmen falling on my head like raindrops is kind of funny.

So there you have it. A very nontraditional Totally Awkward Tuesday. I guess my day was destined to suck to epic proportions, because it's Tuesday. But at least it was awkward.

So yes, please, go share your Totally Awkward Post on Tova's blog. Why? Because it helps cleanse your soul. It's totally like blogging yoga. :)

Stay beautiful!


Call Me Cate said...

You should've punched the freshmeat in the face. Sorry your day sucked so bad.

Ebony Haywood said...

aww. :( just one of them days...